Gender Variant or Questioning.

Starting Fall 2015. – Fourth Thursday of the Month, evening.  Please call for details.

Note – this is not a drop-in group – please call to discuss.

contact me at or at (212) 358-1884.


Group Psychotherapy


Past groups:
Adult Children of  Narcissistic or Difficult Parents (ended)

 Fall/Winter 2014 & 2015, Thursday evenings

Adults who grew up with a highly narcissistic parent have unique challenges and concerns. It can be very helpful  to acknowledge and share the difficulties of having a Narcissistic parent.

Individuals in the group will

  • share their stories in a safe environment
  • learn about narcissism and its effects on others
  • receive support
  • identify current problems in relating with others as a result of growing up with a Narcissist and
  • learn new ways of communicating

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